Participants Assembly & Participants Committee meetings

Overview of Participants Committee and Participants Assembly Meetings

Information on all meetings of the Participants Assembly and the Participants Committee is provided below. Information provided for each meeting includes the agenda, background documents, adopted resolutions, and meeting summaries.

PA9/PC22, Sep 26-30,2016, Accra, Ghana

PC21, May 3-5, 2016, Washington DC

PA8/PC20, Nov 4-8, 2015, San Jose- Costa Rica

PC19, May 17-19, 2015, Arlington, VA

PA7/PC18, Oct 31-Nov 4, 2014, Arusha, Tanzania

PC17, July 2-4, 2014, Lima, Peru 

PA6/PC16, Dec 12-16, 2013, Geneva, Switzerland

PC15, June 30-July 1, 2013, Lombok, Indonesia

PC14, March 19-21, 2013, Washington DC, USA

PA5/PC13, October 20-23, 2012, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

PC12, June 26-30, 2012, Santa Marta, Colombia

PC11, March 28-30, 2012, Asunción, Paraguay

PA4/PC10, October 17-19, 2011, Berlin, Germany

PC9, June 20-22, 2011, Oslo, Norway

PC8, March 23-25, 2011, Da Lat, Vietnam

PA3/PC7, November 1-3, 2010, Washington, DC

PC6, June 28-July 1, 2010, Georgetown, Guyana

PC5, March 22-25, 2010, La Lopé, Gabon

PA2/PC4, October 26-28, 2009, Washington, DC

PC3, June 16-18, 2009, Montreux, Switzerland

PC2, March 11-13, 2009, Panama

PA1/PC1, October 19-22, 2008, Washington, DC


Joint Meetings

FCPF PC and UN-REDD, Policy Board March 27, 2012, Asuncion, Paraguay


Information on FCPF meetings preceding the establishment of the Participants Assembly and Participants Committee is provided below

Steering Committee Meetings - Paris: July 8-10, 2008

Information on the process leading to opening of the Readiness Fund to Multiple Delivery Partners is provided below

Working Group on Multiple Delivery Partners Meetings